My journey with yoga began over a decade ago, primarily as a tool to enhance and compliment the rigorous training of becoming a professional dancer. Very quickly I found myself evermore inspired by the depth and potential yoga has to offer both on and off the mat, for body and mind. My practice is informed by over 20 years of exploring bodies in motion, pulling from a variety of movement vocabularies which all integrate their way into how I sculpt, plan and articulate my classes.


As an anatomy enthusiast I use my knowledge of the physical form to give students an opportunity to learn, embody and explore their own anatomy, creating a practice that is both safe and empowering. Yoga is a practice for everybody and we make the practice work for us, not the other way around


Initially qualified in Hatha and Vinyasa with Trimurti Yoga School I have further specialised in Yin, meditation and Yoga Nidra


Further merging the boundaries between dance and yoga I initiated a new class called Dance Flow. Originally an idea to trial, three years down the line this class is now on schedule several times a week and I have lead an training intensive for 60 other London based yoga teachers. Dance Flow is a hybrid of dance, yoga, capoeira & somatics. A creative flow both on and off the mat we work with repetition to utilise muscle memory, syncing breath led sequences to create a seamless movement meditation encouraging ourselves to become lost in motion. If you’re interested to know more about Dance Flow, or to bring this to your studio then drop me a message 

Class Schedule at More Yoga



6:30pm Vinyasa

7:45pm Dance Flow


11:15 Dance Flow

12:30 Vinyasa 

Stoke Newington


6:15pm Dance Flow

7:30 Vinyasa



12:15 Vinyasa


12:00 45 minute Express

1:00 Vinyasa

Private Yoga

Private yoga sessions are safe space to ask questions, learn modifications and adjustments that respect your individual body, while progressing quicker in your practice. They are a great way to build confidence and gain a more profound understanding of postures, movement, breathing techniques and meditation. Whether you’re new to yoga and looking to understand the basics or a seasoned yogi wanting to delve a little deeper, these sessions will be personally catered to you. Taking place in the comfort of your own home, in studio or in the great outdoors (weather depending). Drop me a message if you’re curious and we’ll go from there