Hello you,

London based but internationally born and raised, I am a Dance Artist, Yoga teacher, creative mover and anatomy enthusiast. The synchronicity of mind and body is a part of my everyday life, anything from a physical practice to daily meditation.


By understanding that our bodies are the only thing we will ever have, my personal journey and my work is to inform myself and others on the wonders of our physical, mental and spiritual essence. The more we can understand the nature of our body, mind and spirit the better relationship we can have with ourselves and the world around us. 

I have worked with bodies in motion for over two decades and although progress has been anything but linear, my journey has taken me to dancing in internationally acclaimed companies, workshopping choreographic processes in schools, teaching yoga in the tropics and studying the human form under an array of teachers from a multitude of backgrounds. What I have is an ever-growing respect of the power of movement meditation and what I know is how it has highly enhanced my human experience. Through my work I hope to pass on knowledge or inspire the hunger in others. If you’re interested in connecting with me then drop me a message, I’ll look forward to hearing from you