Yin to Yang with Live Music

In Chinese philosophy, yin and yang describes how contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world. Beginning with a Yin practice to apply stress to our connective tissue. Building up to the fire element of the practice, with a generous and creative flow, drawing from different movement vocabularies with lots of time to play and explore interesting transitions. All of this accompanied by the beautiful live music from Alex

Flow to Fundraise

Another charity fundraiser, this time raising money for DrugFAM- a brilliant charity supporting families and loved ones of those affected by drug and alcohol addiction. Held in a beautiful restored warehouse space and organised through The Green Room Cafe on Holloway Road. Collectively we raised an impressive £362 for DrugFAM. Heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated and came to practice!

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Dance Flow Teacher Training

July 2019 

Through July I will be leading Dance Flow Teacher Trainings for More Yoga. These will be half day intensive trainings including an example class and a discussion of the format. If you're a London based teacher or studio and would like to learn more about Dance Flow with the potential of adding it to your schedule/ studio please get in contact 

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We Out Here August 2019

We Out Here is an emerging Funk & Soul music festival that has taken over the location of Secret Garden Party. You can find me at The Lemon Lounge on Friday, Saturday & Sunday hosting morning yoga classes for festival souls who need a little rejuvenation before setting out to seize the day. For more information or to enquire about We Out Here drop me a message 


Yin to Yang With A Live Musician: Charity Event 

On 9th June Alex Paton and I hosted a magical fundraising event. A 2 hour Yin to Yang Yoga Flow accompanied by live music from Alex. Collectively we raised 


for CALM: Campaign Against Living Miserably. There'll definitely be more of these to come so please check Instagram for announcements. Big thanks to More Yoga for donating studio space