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Dance Flow is a fiery practice for curious creatives, intuitive movers and open minded folk. Those who like to explore movement patterns beyond the parameters of traditional yoga, and occasionally off their yoga mat 

About 4 years ago I was offered a class called Dance Flow. Admittedly, I screwed my face up thinking 'Dance Flow; what's that?' Fast track forward to the present day, and Dance Flow is really the essence of my teaching vocabulary and an ever developing artistic project.  I have now taught over 700 hours of Dance Flow classes and delivered two teacher trainings to over 60 teachers at More Yoga

Dance Flow merges the boundaries between yoga and other principal movement vocabularies such as Contemporary Dance, Capoeira, Somatics & Thai Chi. A new sequence is crafted every week, drawing from these different disciplines I have trained in through the years, some to professional level, others as hobbies. Working with repetition to integrate the movement deep into our muscle memory, we begin the practice slowly, paying close attention to our body's current requirements and harvesting a relationship between breath, movement and intuition. As we continue to flow and let the sequence take shape we allow ourselves to get lost in a seamless movement meditation as we spiral, turn and weaves through space.  Throughout the practice you are encouraged to move from a place of intuition, disconnect from the aesthetics, take full ownership of the material and experience an embodied practice with complete autonomy