Weight/Wait - The Film 

Alex is at their first counselling session. Will their mind let them stay?

A new, interactive digital dance work for young people exploring the mental

and physical 'weight' of our thoughts and inner voice on the body.

Available via

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Online platform

Available until 31st May

“Empathetically tactful, gracefully written and exceptionally performed...as exquisite as it is heart-wrenching, a welcome conversation on anxiety through dance.”


Hannah Lee, Voice Magazine on Weight/Wait stage production at Brighton Fringe Festival 2019

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“A powerful piece of contemporary dance theatre and an emotional rollercoaster that is gripping from start to finish”

- Nadia Strahan, Fringe Review, 2019 

"By embodying the internal experience through movement, this performance was able to create an incredibly vivid and palpable account of anxiety that felt familiar, terrifying and incredibly brave" - Lora, Mental Health Nurse


Is an interactive digital dance work created out of the theatre performance Weight/Wait.

Using dance, text, poetry and film to share an interweaving narrative of three characters called Alex as they figure out how to keep their head above water.


An original story created from autobiographical experiences and research with young people in youth groups and hospitals. 

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Audience members can interact
with the film in two ways

Digitally, the film will be offered on its own website and/or hosted. The audience are prompted right from the start that something will be expected from them. Halfway through they are asked to write and submit their advice via a comment box to the characters to help them get through this. At the end, they will be able to see a page full of comments and advice submitted, a legacy page they can keep revisiting in the future with uplifting thoughts and ideas for supporting yourself and others with your mental well-being. This page will also have links to resources for further mental health support and guidance. 


For schools, the film is offered with a 1hr lesson plan and worksheet for students to manually fill out, prompting them to think and talk about their mental health and that of others. They can also have access to the legacy page, plus additional dance theatre and film workshop packages are available to compliment deeper learning around the work.

Would you like to share A L E X with your audiences and participants? 


The work is suited to ages 14+, and runs for 40 minutes.



We are booking this work for a digital tour.

Contact to discuss:

Lead Artist Caldonia Walton: caldoniadances@gmail.com

Associate Producer Annalise Cowan: annalisecowan@hotmail.co.uk



We have three options available. 


£180: (Digital Education Package)  

Unlimited online access to 40-min film  

Worksheet/Lesson Plan/Support Resources 

1-2-1 with Caldonia Walton for teacher/delivery support  



Half Day In-Person Workshop 

Unlimited online access to 40-min film  

Worksheet/Lesson Plan/Support Resources  



Full Day In-Person Workshop 

Unlimited online access to 40-min film  

Worksheet/Lesson Plan/Support Resources


Ready to book?

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