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I offer Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy to the highest standard. Available and open to collaborating across the globe, I am experienced in offering treatments for retreats, trainings, events and functions. 

Kathy provided an excellent and beneficial treatment for my body and mind. She was extremely informative throughout my session and clearly knows a lot about the human body. I would recommend her services, without hesitation. - Andy, Yoga Teacher 


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What treatments do I offer?

My initial training is in Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy, however, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a sport fanatic to benefit from Sports Massage. Sports Massage is a goal orientated manual therapy. We work within the current state of the body and towards where we want to be, making each session individual and unique. As a level 5 therapist, extensive Anatomy & Physiology knowledge, coupled with physio and osteopathic techniques means each treatment is tailored to the client, with aims of restoring and returning the body back to full functionality, working globally, rather than just within a symptomatic area.


Perhaps you just want a great massage? Having trained to the highest level available in the UK, this is absolutely available. During a full body treatment, the experience would include deep tissue massage, manual adjustments & nervous system regulation. Honouring the body as the beautifully complex vessels they are, these treatments work with both the physical & energetic body, cultivating a global sense of wellbeing beyond just the tangible part of ourselves. A full body treatment with integrity & care to bring about true relaxation and restoration.

Who benefits from these treatment? 

Well, in all honesty- everyone! But more specifically, those of you who are/ need


  • Working through a specific injury to improve recovery time and assist with compensation patterns

  • Looking to upgrade and improve your performance in a particular activity

  • General maintenance of your body, taking you beyond functional, and into flourishing

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Improved breathing

  • Body MOT


Kathy brought a whole new dimension and approach to long standing set of complex ailments I've have over many years. Her treatment and prescribed exercises give me renewed optimism with my progress so far.

- Shen, Accountant

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