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To me, the human body is a magnificent wonder. The most intelligent, diverse and complex machine of them all, and what a gift we get to live in one every day.


In 2020 I wrote the entire Anatomy & Physiology course content for the 200hr teacher training with MoreYoga- Londons biggest yoga studio with over 30 locations, and independently guided 4 groups of up to 40 students through their training. The diverse, interactive course content and manual was written by myself and approved by practicing osteopath, and fellow anatomy educator Victoria Thomas.


I have also written and delivered a 4 part applied anatomy training; From Roots To Leaves. The four part course guides fellow inquisitives in an educational journey from the ground upwards. This online training reached over 50 people, and will soon be developed into an On Demand training for purchase.

As a Level 5 Sports & Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist, my anatomy knowledge is not only expansive, but also applied and relevant to physical practices such as yoga, capoeira, running, swimming etc.


Besides the Sports Massage eduction, I have completed a Diploma in A&P, trained with Celest Pereira, David Kiel and achieved 50+ hrs of training with Complete Anatomy 3D Medical.


My Approach


Even as someone who is completely galvanised by the human body on a daily basis, I think we can all agree that depending on how it’s taught, anatomy can be drier than the Sahara desert.


It’s all well and good learning the Latin and Greek names for all the bones and muscles in the body, but is that information useful in a class setting? My thought; not really.


My approach to teaching anatomy to trainee teachers is applied, inclusive and interactive. Students are not just sat in front of work books being spoken at, but rather finding, feeling and experiencing their anatomy in an interactive way. As much as we learn integrating the anatomical language, it’s not just a memory game, and the content is relevant to the aims


  • To be able to deliver conscientious classes from a physiological view point

  • Comprehensive understanding of bodies in motion, structures involved and the variety we as teachers are exposed to

  • Common issues & injures that present, and how to work with these


My approach is to begin global, and funnel into the detail, whilst returning back to study topics continuously to reinforce eg, studying the nervous system and respiratory system as individual biological units, followed by their interaction, depending the layers of understanding.

Kathy didn't lose my attention for a minute (impressive over a 9 hour session!)  and I found it all completely fascinating. She somehow managed to break a huge amount of complex information down into something really digestible and I'm in total awe of Kathys knowledge and enthusiasm for all things anatomy.

Rebecca 200hr TTC


The Content

The content modules follows a ground upward approach on the structures, interwoven with the other systems


  • An introduction to the body and anatomical language

  • Skeletal & muscular systems

  • The nervous & Cardiovascular System

  • The Respiratory System


  • The Feet & Legs

  • The Hips & Pelvis

  • The Spine & Rib Cage

  • The Shoulders, Elbows & Wrists


Each module can be taught as an individual unit with its own manual, or all modules together would equate to the 30hrs A&P content required by Yoga Alliance on any 200hr TTC.

I am also open to a collaborative approach, or teaching content that has already been written within your course.


Kathy’s energy poured through my screen, knowledgable, enthusiastic and grounded. The accessible language she used and her articulation in sharing information kept my attention throughout. As a Yoga teacher I have been forced to rethink how I’ve been teaching, what the aims of my classes are and the language I have used and that is exciting!

Demelza- From Roots To Leaves student

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